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Black Turtleneck Styling Tips; 20 Looks, 1 Winter Staple

Almost all of us are going out every day. Be it to the office or to your college or something else. Doesn’t it get monotonous repeating the same look again and again? Only if there was an easy way to style your everyday ensemble. Only if you could keep everything the same and just change one aspect of your clothing for an entirely new look. It turns out, POSSIBLE! Today I am going to give you style tips for the winter season with simple black turtleneck styling tips. If you are someone whose winters are just turtleneck on repeat, these black turtleneck styling tips are just what you need. I am presenting 20 unique ways of styling this winter essential with slight changes in makeup, hair, accessories for each ensemble.

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1. How to style

black turtleneck styling tips
When it comes to black turtleneck styling tips, there is a lot of things that one can try. Love colours? Try a vibrant overcoat. Want a monochrome look? Go with a black leather jacket. If black is your go-to palette for winter, denim jackets can be your best friend. Keep the black turtleneck and black jeans a constant and continue experimenting with the outerwear. It can be a pullover, a long coat, or anything that your heart desires. The key is to change the palette throughout the week.

2. No breakup with makeup

black turtleneck styling tips
Makeup is just for parties is a myth that needs to go. Makeup can be an everyday affair. This is in fact an integral part of black turtleneck styling tips. Vibrant clothes with nude lips or neutral palette with red lips. Makeup plays an important role. Since it’s an all-day engagement, try to keep it simple. Play with eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and a little blush never hurts.

As we are talking about your everyday styling, spending time on a hairstyle can be daunting. This is when you play smart. If your neck area is already heavy with collars etc, go with a ponytail or bun. You don’t want to crowd your neck. If it’s a round neck on the turtleneck, open hair works.

3. Don’t shoo the shoe

black turtleneck styling tips
Ah, the often overlooked part of an ensemble! If you are thinking of black turtleneck styling tips, it’s time that you invest in a good pair of black boots/sneakers. Opt for a covered shoe as we are talking about winters. In some of the looks, I am wearing black faux leather boots from H&M, and trust me, nothing beats the comfort of this pair. If you are someone like me, who can’t imagine a look without heals, this is the pair for you.

4. Accessories

Watch is obvious. For black turtleneck styling tips, focusing on accessories is a must. Just like your hair, don’t crowd your neck area. If it’s full of collars etc, avoid any earrings. If it’s a jacket/coat, you can go with a dainty necklace or a statement piece. When it’s black on black (with front open outerwear), a necklace over your turtleneck helps accentuate the look.

17 looks, one winter essential. Almost all the looks have two items in common i.e., a black turtleneck and black jeans. Tell me in the comments which one did you liked the most.

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