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FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week Highlights That You Can’t Ignore

As the Lakme Fashion Week graced the scape of the Indian Fashion industry, the runway shows have shown us the way to the future. The changing notions of the beauty and fashion industry stared us straight into the face and proved that breaking the norms isn’t so bad. Since the very first day of the show, the shows have been breaking the previously known and often adored boundaries. From the selection of the models to the very collection showcased on the runway, Lakme Fashion Week showed us what an inclusive industry would look like. As the major fashion publications talk about the ensemble and looks, let us shift our focus to the humans who wore these stunning pieces; the models. Instead of just looking at the designer collection and talking about the theme of the clothes today let’s look at the major themes (not fashion) that the show has put forth.

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1. Body positivity

lakme fashion week
Size zero models are now a thing of the past. As the body positivity movement is catching pace, the Lakme Fashion Week runway witnessed a more inclusive environment on the ramp. Size was not a major factor in the shows this time and we learnt that beauty does not need to be inclusive. Shattering the age-old norms of the modeling industry, we witnessed the plus-size models walking with utmost grace and poise.

2. Sustainability

lakme fashion week
Day 2’s conscious design challenge won hearts all over the nation by putting forth the idea of eco-friendly fashion industry. The highlight of this challenge was the collection presented by the young designers. From recycled carpet threads to the unique garment construction technique, we sure learnt a thing or two about the steps taken in the right direction.

3. Influencers

lakme fashion week
The social media influencers made it t the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week 2022. With Masson Menawala acting as the showstopper for Varun Bahl and Param Banana walking for Shantanu Nikhil, it is safe to assert that the fashion scape is going through a transformation.

4. Languishing crafts

Keeping the couture apart, the Lakme Fashion Week witnessed the sensenalization of some languishing artforms. A case in point is the Khadi presentation which showed us the glamorous side of the indigenous fabric. With MOSSI, Abhishek Gupta Benaras, Anju Modi, etc. we learnt the sheer versatility of Khadi with fabric manipulation, craft collaboration while keeping the identity of each element intact.

5. Trends

While we talk about the recent Lakme Fashion Week, we can’t miss the trends showcased on the runway. The heavy inspiration from the 2000s dominated the Day 1 showcase thanks to Outhouse’s Oh Dopamine collection. We saw a full-fledged revival of the 2000s trends with the Y2K aesthetics bringing the trend of metallic sheen into play.

As the Lakme Fashion Week runway has closed, it has left us with young and promising talent in the domain of Indian fashion. While we swipe through the images of the runway, it will be interesting to note the career trajectory of these young creative minds.

Picture courtesy- FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week

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