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Benarasi Sarees And The History Of This Heritage Weave

While talking about the Indian fashion industry, the rich heritage of Indian sarees deserves a due mention. One saree that weaves the tale of opulence and richness is the benarasi saree. These sarees often feature luminous texture and brocade details that make this saree a piece taken out of regality. Deeply rooted in tradition, the …

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The Future Of Indian Fashion Is Getting Better & Brighter

Apart from bringing the world to an untimely stop, the pandemic has also made us realize the finiteness of our energy and time. We all have stopped in our tracks and wondered about the ways things were going on around us. As the consumer mindset shifts for the better, it’s not just the fashion industry …


The Indian Fashion Industry And The Traditional Crafts Of The Land

What brought the entire world to a screeching halt, has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the Indian fashion industry. With the consumer focus shifting from the high-end imported picks to the locally crafted masterpieces, the Indian artisans are getting the impending recognition. The traditional Indian crafts are making it to the big …