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Fashion Vocab: Types Of Heels

Heels! A 5 letter love story in itself and a booster shot of accomplishment for many. From 1 inch to 3, let me tell you size matters in this case. Before we go forward, let me disclose the topic for the article i.e., types of heels. With the right type of heels, you can add an edge to your ensemble, boost your confidence, and make the onlookers swirl in their way. There is more to heels than what meets the eye. If you thought about yourself as someone who is anti-high heels, maybe you are a kitten heels person. If you didn’t get the subtle hint, there are several types of heels that every lady should be acquainted with. The next time you visit that section, the word of fashion will have you covered!

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1. Cuban heels

types of heels
These types of heels are typically short to medium in height and are slightly tapper from top to bottom. With a very solid appearance, these heels are found on oxfords, loafers, ankle boots, and other closed shoes.

2. Block heels

types of heels
Gracing your appearance with a more comfortable stance, block heels distribute your body’s weight differently as compared to the thinner variants. They have a solid yet stylish look and these types of heels tend to take the pressure off the front of your foot.

3. Comma heels

types of heels
As the name suggests, this style of heel is shaped like a comma. Its crescent form gives it an unusual appearance.

4. Cone heels

types of heels
With a thick, sturdy base the heel gets narrow and more delicate towards the tip. These types of heels can be used in various shoes and in various heights.

5. Flare heels

types of heels
Similar to the visual appearance of the flared pants, these types of heels get wider towards the bottom.

6. French heels

types of heels
French heels are customarily identified with a wide top, a thin middle, and a curved bottom. This is also known as the Louis heel or pompadour heel.

7. High heels

High heels are generally those that are 4 inches or more. These heels come in all shapes and heights and are typically used in pumps, stilettos, and heeled sandals.

8. Kitten heels

Thin and below 3 inches, these types of heels are the best pick for those who are not fond of the taller ones yet want to add a few more inches under their feet.

9. Wedge heels

If you are someone who likes to walk around in heels but is not too comfortable with the taller ones, wedge heels are the answer for you. Though elevated, these heels have an evenly distributed weight.

10. Spool heels

This type of heels are often decorative in nature and is identified with its hourglass shape that portrays the spool of an old spinning machine.

Got a fondness for heels and don’t know the types there are? Closeted Fashionista got you covered with the fashion vocab series on types of heels. Tell us in the comments what’s your go-to style.

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