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Hand-painted Denim For The Love Of Wearable Art

It’s 2022 and we have successfully paved the way for the quirk. Letting go of the wardrobe staple that is denim, we have opened the doors and embraced the revamped models in our fashion scene. As logomania, mod and graphic print keep on gaining traction, some homegrown creatives have taken it upon themselves to alter the persona of the denim and enter, hand-painted denim on Instagram. After a two-year-long battle with the pandemic, the consumers are in dire need for a happy quotient. Assembling the love for dopamine and quirk, these handles for hand-painted denim on Instagram sure fit the case. Today, let’s look at these not-so-small players in the game of hand-painted masterpieces err denim.

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1. Valkyreclothing

hand-painted denim
A streetwear brand founded in 2019 that blends art and fashion together to achieve pieces that are unique and personal. They specialise in hand-painted denim jackets and have appointed 25 independent, non-professional artists based out of Mumbai for their collections. Their expertise is well evident in their social media handles.

2. The Quirky Naari

hand-painted denim
Even though the brand caters to various categories such as footwear, etc. but the collection of their hand-painted denim is still admirable. Apart from making products that set a statement they also believe in sustainable fashion and crafting long-lasting experiences for their clients. The prints or motifs are often inspired by everyday life. Did you know they appeared on Shark Tank?

3. Chic Art Denim

In a nascent stage but their collection sure gives their competitors a run for their money. Dealing in the female segment, their founder has brought pop and anime inspiration into fashion. From hand-painted denim to jackets, the brand has it all.

4. Gandi Billi

Founded in September 2020, the brand promise to imbibe your wardrobe with trendy and statement pieces. They have a lot to offer however, it’s their collection of hand-painted denim that catches your eye and then your wallet.

As we keep falling in love with loud, quirky, and unique fashion choices, a market upsurge for these crafty denim pieces can sure be predicted. The next time you think of splurging on something individualistic, think of these Mavericks.

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