Rethinking Fashion With Online Fashion Shows

Radical transformations are taking place in the fashion industry with the advent of the Covid-19 crisis. Adhering to the worldwide lockdown, the need to rethink the most sensational of the events became a necessity. The online fashion shows are bringing the most coveted to your fingertips. The pomp and glory of the shows are being translated to the digital format in the wake of the seismic changes that the fashion industry is going through. With online fashion shows, the leading design houses are reimagining the scape of runways.

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The British Fashion Council, Italy’s Camera Nazionale Della Moda, and France’s Fédération de la Haute Couture and de la Mode made it possible to realise the extravaganze of the shows in their digital format. The shows that are going online are-

1. Milan Fashion Week

online fashion shows

As the time for online fashion shows is already upon us digital content platforms like Amazon Prime and YouTube are said to allow brands to stream their digital content for the public. Brands like Bottega Veneta, Prada and Etro have already given their nodes towards digital content and are already walking towards the participation in the MSW.

2. New York Fashion Week

online fashion shows

CFDA has officially announced that New York Fashion Week will be available in a completely virtual three-day event. The sensational show will Air from September 14 to 16. The audience of the show can now change from one show to another with a single click and hence enjoy the most of this event. With online fashion shows, CFDA is also planning to launch a digital platform where brands can showcase their latest work.

3. London Fashion Week

With designers moving away from the traditional Fashion Week idea, Burberry is the only one who has confirmed their Runway presentation for Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The show is supposed to occur in a huge open-air location from September 18 to 22. Keeping in mind the online fashion shows this show will also be available digitally for people who are unable to attend it in person.

4. Paris Fashion Week

Yes, Paris Fashion Week will be held but whether it will be in digital format or in person that is yet to be decided. Meanwhile, we can only hope the designers opt for a digital medium like other online fashion shows.

Keep an eye on the official website of these Fashion Week or on the social media handle of the designers for confirmed date and platform where it will be streamed.

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