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Retro Trends From 2000 That We Are Bringing Back

We are moving away from the gen z and millennial fashion trends and embracing the retro dress from 2000. Do you remember the poster children from the era? The fashionistas are now nodding towards the looks served by Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Remember the classy and bold styles donned by Kareena Kapoor’s Poo in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham? Yes, we are bringing all that in. The markets are already abuzz with the baguette bags scrunchies and many more elements from the retro trends of 2000. Here are some of the elements that we are borrowing from 2000.

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1. Mini dresses

retro trends

Can’t have enough of these cute pieces. As we are embracing the metro trends from 2000 our wardrobes can’t do without the mini dresses, tube tops, and camisoles. Pair the mini dresses with strappy sandals and you are good to go.

2. Scrunchies

retro trends

Ok, let’s just say life is incomplete without these chic hair fasteners. Never have I ever seen such love for hair tie-ups. From massive cloud scrunchies to scrunchies with a zipper that holds the emergency money. We can never have enough of these.

3. Halter tops

retro trends

A must-have essential from 2000. Take inspiration from Paris Hilton on how to carry these super glamorous tops. Style cheat? Pair these up with mid-rise flared pants and belts for the optimum look.

4. Handbags

retro trends

Mini bags and baguette bags are playing god by being everywhere. From dresses to sarees and from a day look to date look, the baguette bags are compatible with any look and any mood. We should be grateful for these retro trends from 2000.

5. Miniskirts

retro trends

I am already head over heels for this one. Be it with a side slit or ruched detail. Miniskirts are definitely here to stay. Well, we are not letting it go soon.

6. Baggy jeans and flared pants

These are making the high waist pants an obsolete item. It’s maybe the time to take out your low and mid-rise pieces. Also, the flared pants and enhance any retro trends from 2000.

The comeback of the retro trends from 2000 is sure a fresh turn for our present wardrobe. In such a somber time, we can seriously celebrate some peppy and quirky elements of fashion.

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