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Benarasi Sarees And The History Of This Heritage Weave

While talking about the Indian fashion industry, the rich heritage of Indian sarees deserves a due mention. One saree that weaves the tale of opulence and richness is the benarasi saree. These sarees often feature luminous texture and brocade details that make this saree a piece taken out of regality. Deeply rooted in tradition, the …

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The Blend Of Tradition and Tech: NFT in Indian Fashion

NFT or the non-fungible tokens are taking the creative domain by storm. Art, as we knew it is fast changing to cater to the virtual needs that caught pace because of the pandemic. Though digital assets, NFTs are a little different than cryptocurrencies. The non-fungible assets are units of data stored on a blockchain. Bought …

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Styling Tips 101; Summer Wedding Outfits For Men

Every time someone from your close circle goes “I am getting married”, it kick starts a chain of reactions. With people becoming ecstatic to people like me, who start planning their outfit. Well, weddings are special and we definitely wanna put our best foot forward. Trust me girls got it easy with their plethora of …